Dr. Sheva Co., Ltd Laboratories was established on April 1st, 2018, with Dr. Shimosheba at the helm. Dr. Shimosheba is a highly experienced beauty industry researcher and developer, having dedicated more than 30 years to this field. Prior to founding Dr. Sheva Co., Ltd in Japan, Dr. Shimosheba conducted extensive research and development of cosmetic products at Jujin Hospital, located in the prestigious Ginza area of Tokyo. Jujin Hospital is well-known and respected as both a cosmetic manufacturer and a major original equipment manufacturer (OEM) company in Japan.

During Dr. Shimosheba’s time at Jujin Hospital, a discovery caught their attention: the remarkable positive effects of using Bluefin tuna collagen in cosmetics. Inspired by the potential of this ingredient, Dr. Shimosheba decided to create a line of beauty products under the brand name Dr. Sheva. These products would harness the power of Bluefin tuna collagen to provide unique and effective solutions for skincare and beauty.

With this vision in mind, Dr. Sheva Co., Ltd Laboratories was established to further research, develop, and produce innovative beauty products that incorporate Bluefin tuna collagen. Dr. Shimosheba’s extensive expertise and experience in the beauty industry serve as a strong foundation for the company’s pursuit of excellence and dedication to delivering high-quality skincare and cosmetic solutions to customers.


Our mission is to empower and inspire aging women and men to embrace their natural beauty by providing innovative skincare products that enhance their skin’s health, radiance, and vitality. We are dedicated to delivering effective solutions tailored to address the unique needs and concerns of mature skin, promoting confidence and well-being at every stage of life.


Our skin-applicable Bluefin tuna collagen is a revolutionary ingredient derived from the scales of Bluefin tuna. These scales are exceptionally rich in collagen, a vital protein that provides structural support and elasticity to the skin.

At Dr. Sheva Laboratories, we have developed advanced and patented methods to extract and hydrolyze the collagen from Bluefin tuna scales. Through this process, we break down the collagen into fine molecules that are easily absorbed by the skin.

When applied topically, our Bluefin tuna collagen-infused products penetrate deep into the skin, delivering essential nutrients and promoting collagen synthesis. This helps to improve skin elasticity, firmness, and overall youthfulness. The collagen molecules work to hydrate and nourish the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging.
Our skin-applicable Bluefin tuna collagen is known for its exceptional quality and effectiveness. It is meticulously tested and formulated to ensure maximum benefits for the skin. By incorporating this remarkable ingredient into our products, we offer a natural and sustainable solution for achieving healthy, vibrant, and youthful-looking skin.

Absorption and bioavailability: Marine collagen is known to have smaller particle sizes and lower molecular weights compared to other collagen types. This can potentially lead to better absorption and bioavailability in the body, allowing it to be more easily utilized by the skin and other tissues.