Marine collagen is often touted as having superior bioavailability and absorption compared to other collagen sources, including human collagen. This enhanced absorption is believed to make marine collagen more effective in delivering its benefits to the body.

Aging skin tends to be drier, so using a rich, hydrating moisturizer is crucial. Look for products that contain can replenish moisture and improve skin’s elasticity.

Gentle Cleansing: Opt for a gentle, non-drying cleanser to avoid stripping the skin of its natural oils. Cleansing should be done twice a day to remove impurities, but avoid using hot water, as it can further dry out the skin.

Targeted Serums: Consider incorporating serums into your skincare routine that target specific concerns related to aging skin, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone. Look for ingredients like retinol, vitamin C, peptides, and antioxidants for their anti-aging benefits

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